What’s new in Windows Server 2016

March 7, 2016

Windows Server 2016: Nano Server
The most eye-catching update is the introduction of Nano Server. Developed under the name ‘Tuva’, Nano Server is a scaled down, purpose-built operating system designed to run modern cloud applications and act as a platform for containers. It promises fewer patches and updates, faster restarts, better resource utilization and, due to having fewer operating system components, tighter security. Nano Server is essentially a significantly slimmed down version of Windows Server.

Windows Server 2016: Container support
Support for containers is another of the standout features, which will make it easier to adopt micro services architectures. Containers offer a lightweight alternative to full virtualisation and allow applications to be packaged and moved more easily from server to server. Although the technology has been around for some time – Microsoft and Google use containers in their own cloud operations, for instance – it has begun to be used more widely among all types of businesses. Windows Server Containers can be deployed and managed either through the Docker Client or Microsoft’s Power Shell.

Windows Server 2016: Hyper-V Number of improvements to the core Hyper-V virtualisation platform first seen in Windows Server 2008. According to Spicework’s IT pro survey, new Hyper-V functionality is the most anticipated of all the new features. Rolling upgrades will make it quicker and easier to migrate Hyper-V clusters to Windows Server 2016. Users will be able to add a node to a Hyper-V cluster already running Windows Server 2012 R2. The cluster will continue to operate at the Windows Server 2012 R2 feature level until all nodes are upgraded. Other improvements include the ability to hot-add virtual network adapters and memory, a secure boot for Linux guest operating systems and support for nested virtualisation, which can now be used in dev/test scenarios.

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