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March 22, 2016

There is an unprecedented growth in data. A research conducted by CSC forecasts that the data produced in 2020 will be 44 times than what was produced in 2009.

Companies cannot afford not to store the data produced by its end users. If a bank cannot store all the information on a potential loan applicant, the bank may face a higher risk of default. If a clothes retail shop cannot store all the information it can on its customers, it loses valuable business that can be acquired through target marketing.

Business needs to store all the information it can get. However storing the amount of data that has been produced has been a challenging problem to the IT department. The amount of capital that is required to store the ever increasing data presents a predicament to the CFO. Add to that the operational costs (Space, power), there is an ever-increasing strain on the IT budget.

To alleviate this problem companies started looking into storage optimization. Storage optimization is the process of storing information in an as effective and as efficient way as possible without affecting the performance.

Companies like Netapp, EMC and IBM came with technologies like deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning to optimize data storage and reduce costs of storing data.  There have been instances where implementing storage optimization technologies have led to savings of more than 70%.

Storage optimization helps an organization store more data at lesser costs without affecting the performance. However, there are lots of different technologies which does storage optimization and lots of variants of each technology. For example, post-process deduplication provides good performance but more storage is used as compared to inline deduplication where the opposite happens. An organization must choose a storage optimization solution best suited to them.

Veeras is a storage optimization leader, as it has provided the said solution in many different environments to many distinct challenges for many diverse clients. They make sure that the solution provided is best suited for the organization needs and aligned towards its priorities.

A leading technology company has achieved a 49% improvement in storage utilization and a 61% improvement in storage efficiency after Veeras implemented a storage optimization solution in the organization.


Rakesh Vadhanan [ Business Value Executive ]

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