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Storage Virtualization (VSAN)

Virtual SAN has taken storage to a whole new level. Many confuse VSAN with virtual storage area network. VSAN offers hardware agnostic approach that is exclusive to VMware. With VSAN there is no need to purchase expensive gears as the existing system can be put to use. VSAN may not be suitable for all environments. The reason being it lacks on deduplication, thin provisioning and has hardware compatibility issues. This is where Veeras pitches in to digging into the analytics to find out if VSAN fits your environment. In such cases hyper convergence vendors can provide storage virtualization solutions for virtual storage area network.

Veeras provide the best storage virtualization solutions in terms of cooling, power saving, performance and capacity. We can streamline the storage management and provisioning for virtual environments. Our storage solutions revolve around machine-centric storage policies offering control and automation. Our VSAN solutions promote a cost effective virtualization tool and operational model. Our solutions can curtail big up front investments through flexible vendor and configuration options. We simplify storage management by automating storage level services using virtualization tools. We are sure of cutting down your TOC by 50%.

VSAN optimizes I/O data path enhancing performance that is not possible in a virtual appliance or other external device. Performance is guaranteed within quick response time. We can scale up the storage resources in terms of performance and capacity, adding to the cluster new host or scale independently adding HDDs or SSDs to the present hosts. If you have a specific configuration in mind, feel free to contact us.





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