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Server Virtualization

Server virtualization aims at streamlining the operations of network, storage and servers increasing the uptime and containing the expenditure. Software is gaining prominence over hardware and this has changed the way servers are chosen. One single physical server can support more than 10 VMs resulting in less space and maximizing server utilization. VMs can be established within seconds with the advantage of being transferred to a physical server in the same location or outside without break in services. It lowers TCO and promotes green environment.

At Veeras, we are aware that not all virtual monitoring is similar. We offer real time monitoring of the data transaction within the VM with the help of packet-based traffic. We also use flow based data to monitor application layers. Moreover, we stream packet based traffic. For total coverage we follow real time monitoring combined with streaming packet flow analysis. We leverage integrated solution to maximize performance of the servers. By enhancing the performances of IT resources, return on investment can see a rise.

Modern organizations run on multiple database management systems and the amount of data stored is burgeoning by the day with fast access to data. We at Veeras, offer server virtualization expert and solutions based on the requirements of the clients after analyzing their server architecture. We provide real time and quick extraction using server virtualization solutions. Our solutions offer ideal testing environment, increases performance and curtail cost. Our team assures of high quality of service facilitating your business decisions.


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