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There is more to network infrastructure solution than just storage and server as it covers networking too. Network is moving further into endpoints. The role of external network virtualization is to combine physical networks into a single virtual network or dividing virtual network into a multiple physical networks. While, internal network virtualization is about creating networks within virtual machines facilitated by built in virtual server host software.

Some of the key benefits Veeras offers on external network virtualization include security, efficiency, flexibility and cost benefits. Our role is to get the maximum out of the hardware using switch ports. Virtual switch ports are created to logical switch ports and the need for cabling or real port is uncalled for. For separate iSCSI traffic application we use the same physical hardware and create logical network thereby saving on cost. The security concerns of the network are also managed efficiently. With our network virtualization solutions your business will not suffer from downtime as it is easier to reboot the virtual host.

Clients are shrinking their IT teams with the economic scenario grim in most countries. Relying on certified and experienced virtualization solution provider like Veeras is a wise option especially when you are dealing with compliance nightmares. Veeras can help in auditing, making the IT environment of the company safe and secure and combating unforeseen threats. We are aware that network virtualization cannot operate in isolation and has to be combined with storage and server initiatives. We can save on cost by combing varied application servers into a single platform and the reverse is also true in certain environments.


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