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Mobility Virtualization

The next generation workplace will be dominated by mobility virtualization. Mobile applications are ruling the roost and mobile virtualization solution have to be put in place to bring an order. The exploding use of hand held devices in enterprises can be tackled effective with virtualization as data can be accessed securely without any compromise. Enterprise mobility environment is facing the challenges of heterogeneity and virtualization is the best solution.

Business mobility solution has added new challenges with more platforms and operating systems to be handled instead of the traditional single OS found in PCs and laptops. Mobile devices are turning sophisticated and so are the risks and threats. A part of the user’s mobile is set for corporate data. In simple terms one portion of the mobile holds personal data and the other professional data. Mobile virtualization makes managing the device easier as only the virtual portion has to be maintained.

Veeras suggests the best virtual environment for your mobile devices facilitating employees work data. Mobilization platforms are provided by many vendors like Citrix, VMware and more. After analyzing the requirement we deliver a natural user experience. Our engineers address the issues like running VM on mobiles lacking storage and putting applications on a 5” mobile. Hypervisors and sandboxes offer easier solutions as they work across platforms. These issues are addressed using the cloud storage where the data is safe even when the VM crashes. With 3G and 4G network in place it is easier to access data on a mobile using VM.

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