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Desk Virtualization

Desktop virtualization is faced by many challenges depending upon the type of users, applications, IS, remote access and storage implications. Software licensing is a key area that has to be evaluated when it comes to VDI deployments. Unfortunately VDI does not bring in CapEx savings but you can definitely extend the life of the hardware. End user acceptance is another major challenge that has to be as good as the traditional desktop. This can impact the success of the virtual environment. A proactively managed end user experience can bring projected benefits making employees satisfied.

Veeras strives to improve the odds of desktop virtualization through their time tested desktop virtualization solutions. We start with a good VDI readiness assessment and deploy VDI strategies where the situation demands to achieve ROI. We can also provision desktops by creating desktop images instead of maintain every single desktop. We adapt thin client technology supported by embedded management tools to enhance access. Above all we review and improve the end user experience.

At Veeras we offer superior client support promising increased productivity at reduced cost. Desktop virtualization does not suffer from traditional desktops like blue screen, crash, power supply issues and hard drives snags. With desktop virtualization your desktop never dies as it is impossible to get it killed. Our technicians offer easy to manage and scalable desktop virtualization and server virtualization solutions that match your IT environment enabling easy accomplishment of IT goals.

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We enjoyed the engagement with Veeras, Their approach to addressing issues is phenomenal. We prefer Veeras than anyone else in the market for their commitment and quality of services.

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