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The BYOD landscape is changing with the revolution of virtualization. Over the years we have succeeded in delivering viable solutions driven by superior technology. Our path breaking BYOD solutions have benefited hundreds of organisations to connect with their employees 24/7. We managed productivity requirements and file security creating a balance between the enterprise IT and end users. Our focus is on content security of the organisation and not to gain control over the end users device.

Organisations are moving towards enterprise mobility solutions and employees want access to file and ability to share the files. All this has increased the file security challenges. At Veeras, we do not compromise the data security in the name of making information available to the end users. We protect the files at the source so the security of the data is not compromised in the life cycle. Our solutions provide multi-dimensional data access by preventing data loss. Our superior file security solutions are the corner stone for the success of our services.

In an effort to learn more about your infrastructure we get deeply involved in your IT architecture consulting service analysing your existing technology to achieve your BYOD goals. We are committed to match the right solutions with your requirements giving us the edge to meet regulatory compliance. We partner with leading vendors to promote comprehensive BYOD solutions for our clients. We understand your BYOD objectives and take sincere efforts to achieve it.


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We enjoyed the engagement with Veeras, Their approach to addressing issues is phenomenal. We prefer Veeras than anyone else in the market for their commitment and quality of services.

Cyber Security Risk Manager

Leading BFSI Company,India


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