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Assessment and Planning

Virtualization passes through varies phases that needs proper assessment and planning. The current technology environment is studied and virtualization needs are determined. The biggest challenge faced by IT infrastructure service providers is to implement the virtualization infrastructure, converting the physical servers into virtual machines. The characteristics of the servers and applications have to be understood to enable smooth transition. For this purpose performance monitoring tools are used to measure the resources and its utilization.

Planning involves choosing the right virtualization platform to host the VMs. Veeras has tied up with prominent vendors in the virtualization marketplace to bring to the front the most suitable and budget friendly services that does not compromise on the features. The vendor has to be selected based on the fabric of the current environment. Performance evaluation decides on which product can suit your environment best.

Veeras offers scalable virtualization solutions for both desktop and server space. We use industry best practices and readily available tools to transform your physical into virtualized environment or scale the existing desktop virtualization infrastructure into virtual ones. We choose high quality tools that improve the assessment and planning process by adopting automated tools by delivering top quality reports assisting in the process. We follow a scientific approach to contain the efforts and promote good virtualization planning.

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