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Unified Storage

Enterprise data storage happens at bock and file level across a device. This can help save on cost and other complexities. A system that supports multiple connectivity and several access options can be termed as unified. The role of unified data storage solution is to provide block access to multiple connectivity options and file access to NFS and SMB. These are built for scale out architecture offering flexibility in performance and capacity. Features of unified storage include snapshots, replication and cloud integration among others. For the smooth functioning of the business mirroring, data migration and replication are vital.


Veeras team can address all your storage challenges to provide faster and cost efficient storage systems where business information can be stored, accessed and managed effectively. Unified is best suited for businesses that add servers to enhance IT capabilities. Veera is partnered the best technology heads like Netapp and EMC to offer maximum scalability for your storage. We can upgrade, replace, scale and move on demand. We can transform your traditional storage system by upgrading to unlimited capacity by upgrading hardware without any downtime.


Our team can enable balanced data and network across cluster by gaining IP acceleration using multiple controllers, gaining endless capacity, optimizing data path, update controllers and enhance single volume capacity. Our team with their excellent know-how has experience working in different storage environments. We strive to offer the best storage solution after identifying the technological needs of your business.

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