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Storage Area Network (SAN) connects storage devices to multiple serves promising a dedicated high speed network. It provides independence and performance of the network. SAN  can be assembled using cables, host bus adapter and switches. The enormous growth in e-commerce and web activities has increased the multimedia usage rising in a phenomenal rise in storage requirement. The 24/7 support operations and websites present a challenge to the IT managers. These issues can be address with our pure SAN experts. IT uses fibre channel or SCSI transfer data handling backup and replication tasks.


System architectures are looking for Storage Area Network solutions with the growth in connected devices like mobile, tablets, apps, etc. We at Veeras go a step beyond and offer flexibility, reliability, agility and versatility promising automation and bullet proof security. Veeras understands the growing need for centralized solutions to meet the challenges of migration and data encryption. Enterprises have to address continuity goals, understanding the available needs and system viability. Our goal is to yield return on investment and recover total cost of ownership. Most enterprises lack technology expertise and this is where we can pitch in to offer professional services in managing your storage efficiently.


We walk with the customers at every step starting from presale consulting, designing and evaluation services facilitating customers to accomplish complex tasks. We develop SAN solutions to meet the current and future needs of the customers lowering TCO on storage solutions. Our goal is to optimize technology by deploying suitable SAN solutions and increasing uptime. We partner with inhouse experts and use targeted tools to maximize return on investment of your storage.

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