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Technology boom has forced organizations to manage huge amount of data both structured and unstructured across traditional and cloud environments. The event of data loss is higher with data sitting in multiple locations. Data leaving the company is at great risk. Despite vendor making storage easier, recovery is turning out to be complex in the case of a data loss. The bigger the storage the more time it takes to recover the data. Complex storage systems force you to first recover the configuration and then move on to file recovery.


Veeras is a renowned name in the Data recovery solutions sector that can recover your organization from critical data loss and Disk recovery solutions. With us you will never experience IT infrastructure breakdown. We first understand the data sets, the storage architecture and the software, before offering solutions. We offer on-site service to recover data and re-organize the critical data. We have helped thousands of companies recover from critical data loss in India and abroad. We have restored vast infrastructure and revived the operations.


Veeras offers recovery solutions for missing email database or messages deletes from the inbox. We use powerful software to offer data recovery solutions. We recover Business Application Databases irrespective of the front-end application. We recover corrupt tables, database files and row data. Our engineers are capable of rebuilding and extracting data even in case of multiple hard disk drive failures. Irrespective of the storage platform or manufacturer we can recover data. Our service engineers are well adept to offer specialized recovery solutions to retrieve original and meta-data. Any disaster in the virtual host server storage also can be recovered by our certified engineers. We exceed your expectations at all times.

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