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Modern Backup architecture is efficient and at the same time complex when compared to traditional backup that offers backup into any tape. Disks are the new mantra and the snags of traditional backup have been eliminated. With technological growth the cost per gigabyte has shrunk. Disk guarantees best performances facilitating data transfer for lasting solutions. The storage capacity can be extended with data deduplication and delta differencing. When there is a need for rapid file organization or location, indexing and search options could be a valuable practice.


Veeras is well aware that when it comes to backup, no one size fits all. We consider the volume of data and budget before offering Disc to Disc backup solution with our expert. While looking for mission critical applications disk mirroring is a suitable solution. In this case when the primary is damaged, data can be shifted to secondary arrays. But this can be expensive. In order to cut down on cost we suggest secondary disk arrays as emulators instead of trying true disk drives. In certain case we try snapshots for secondary storage arrays. It facilitates incremental backup, but in sequential order to retrieve the data into usable form. But there are risks involved and we at Veeras offer the best solution after analyzing your business storage infrastructure.


We understand the need for disk to disk mirroring and emphasize on equipment cost and recovery timeframes. Veeras’ engineers analyze your applications and their nature of data store before offering a D2D solution. The sooner the data is recoverable the lower is the downtime of the organization. We value the operational hazards and try to keep the downtime as minimal as possible. We also provide latest data protection technologies that are not only resilient but also are able to duplicate files from backups and check for virus and other logical errors.

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