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Backup has become critical with the size of information growing immensely. The harsh truth is that there is no business without data. Having a modern backup solution in place is critical for your business. Cloud backup services has emerged as a front runner for organizations that are looking for reliable and cost effective solutions. The best part of online cloud storage is it can utilize your existing infrastructure and there is no need to invest in equipment. The backup method is secure as it is encrypted using superior encryption technology.


There are major challenges faced by enterprises while making a transition into the cloud. Cost, bandwidth, security, encryption, compliance, geographical diversity, recovery and vendor reliability are some of the challenges faced by enterprises. Veeras understands these issues and offers sustainable solutions after evaluating the storage architecture. We offer a comprehensive server backup and data recovery solutions protecting your server data. Server images can be synced resulting in efficient backup. If you are looking for WAN traffic optimization we can help with advanced data compression, byte level change detection and cache of digital signatures.


With Veeras you can enjoy more functionality for your mobile workforce by cutting down on management cost and offering reliable solutions that can manage costs. Our team can help achieve complete data privacy. Compliance, policies and procedures are achievable with our able guidance. Our technicians ensure unnecessary transfer and duplication of data are prevented thereby increasing the bandwidth by 80% and reducing network impact. Save on space by going on the cloud.

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