Storage Assesment Planning

Storage Assessment Planning

The demands of storage can be optimized by having your storage assessment plans in place. The major challenges faced are to meet the ever growing storage demands. Poor application performances can cause bottlenecks and downgrade performance. The levels of storage availability should meet the business expectations. The retention period of storage varies and keeping data accessible at all times for the immediate needs of the users is essential.


Veeras will provide best accessible plans for your data by enhancing capacity of your storage environment meeting the application and service needs of your organization. We first analyze the tier storage and provide data management techniques that can help cut on cost while safeguarding critical data that adheres to compliance requirements. Veeras offers onsite investigation by a team of qualified and experienced storage consultants that work with technical architects. Our team will interact with your IT staff to complete a comprehensive storage assessment.


Our technicians will scan your server capacities and report IO performance details. Our architects understand your business strategies and complete gap analysis. We choose an approach that fits your organization best be it cut over migration or phased migration. We will provide detail reports of our finding and outline data storage infrastructure provisions best suited for the current and future expansion.

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