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The explosion in the web based applications and websites have resulted in the magnitude and types of threats exposing the vulnerabilities in the system. These can be divided into two categories, Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and the second category is hacks and injection attacks. Businesses that are in ecommerce, technology, healthcare and financial services are the most vulnerable to attacks. Website Security Statistics Report reports that 83% of websites have at least one type of vulnerability or the other.

Organizations focus on yesterday’s threat spending big money protecting their assets but fail to see today’s threat. Corporate data is under threat due to insecure web applications. Organizations fail to see application security as a critical strategy for protecting against web threats. Moreover, SDLC process fails to identify unknown and known threat techniques apart from the old insecure codes reason for attacks. With new codes taking over old code, depending on SDLC to combat security issues is wholly unrealistic. Remember secure coding best practices despite being implemented works only for attack techniques that are already known it is not feasible for new attacks.

Keeping the above challenges in mind, Veeras proposed superior web security solutions. Codes or developers are not a perfect choice. Our solutions lie in web application firewalls that can protect the code. We believe new products, strategies and solutions have to be constantly redefined to meet evolving threats. We understand the impact of vulnerabilities have to be assessed to secure web applications and offer relevant solutions. Initiating a website risk management program is critical to an organization and we support it. Veeras identifies the vulnerabilities that are likely to be targeted. We monitor web traffic using next generation secure web gateway through web security firewalls. We introduce URL filtering prevents blacklist sites using external proxies.


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