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IT security audit and control solutions expert are gaining prominence in organizations. With businesses relying on technology, compliance requirements have increased. Lack of IT controls can have a great impact. Businesses are embracing online setups to traditional brick and motor offices and security risks may be greater or lesser depending on the technology, industry and processes. Companies are required to disclose all cyber incidents and audit issues will vary from one environment to another. During audit the major challenge involves exposure to audit committee. Major issues have to be handled including exposure to shareholder, cyber Security Reporting lacks specificity and software licensing contracts.

Online payment processing methods like PayPal, PayTM, Citrus Pay, etc can turn out to be a challenge. Other major auditing challenges include heterogeneous cloud solutions,

Data Lifecycle Management (DLM), uncontrolled End User Computing (EUC) leading to loss of data, inaccurate financial statement and regulatory sanction exposure, unauthorized access to data creating threat to digital identity and non compliance to IT governance leading to misalignment of resources within the organization.

At Veeras we offer quick and hassle free solutions for your security audit problems. Our solutions include, automating security audit process with consistent reporting. With our solutions your audits can be run across managed and unmanaged systems. We can create powerful dashboards. We also recommend investing in pre-created templates. We use advanced Port scanner (Nessus) for your auditing needs. With Veeras you can integrate endpoint security, upgrade compliance standards and import industry benchmarks.


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