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Next Generation Firewall Technology

The emerging economic outlook after the recession of 2008 has forced many enterprises to update their IT infrastructure security solution giving scope for enhanced security solutions. Security has taken most of the IT budget with threats to corporate gaining prominence. Enterprises are traversing in the right direction of reducing vulnerabilities to threats. The focus has now been narrowed down to evaluating the existing firewalls and introducing next generation firewalls (NGFW). Organizations use first generation firewalls that are can guarantee only limited protection to sophisticated threats that are looming large.

We at Veeras believe in Next Generation Firewall technology that demonstrates functionalities leveraging capabilities of earlier generation firewall functionalities that address traffic concerns. Contrary to inspecting the traffic, the latest firewall technology adds integration and intrusion prevention system (IIPS) aptitudes. The technology supports single point interface for administrators to inspect and configure, thereby reducing redundancies enabling them to predict threats and resolve them quickly. It offers integrated deep packet inspection eliminating blind spots in a network. Security policies are enforced at application layer. On the whole it is policy centric and not device centric.

Protect your business form internet borne threats through NGFW that goes a step beyond by securing your infrastructure from existing and potential threats providing insights into the network activity. Veeras can supply, manage and configure NGFW solutions to suit your business requirement.

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