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Corporate networks are facing network security threats that are getting increasingly complex. The advancement in technology with multiple endpoints and cloud computing results in scattering application environment as there is no organized traffic routes. The lack of advancement in networking security solutions technologies increases the risks of threats. Our solutions are targeted at the challenges by prioritizing remediation and enhance security by protecting valuable data without compromising on audit requirements and compliance.

Security teams are finding it hard to keep pace with the changes and understanding how data moves between networks and devices is important. Interconnected networks linked with service providers and third parties cause security threats. Security challenges are heightened due to low security budgets. Malware attacks are turning out to be more advanced breaching the existing security perimeter. Adding to this internal and external threats target sensitive data.

Veeras supports in identifying security weakness and eliminating them. We monitor for network vulnerabilities through scanning. Our engineers conduct network penetration testing. We offer architecture review and propose social engineering security reviews. We do not fail to provide wireless network security assessment to protect your organization from networking threats.

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The teams on our projects were very knowledgeable and always willing to go off on their own to figure out issues which were outside of their given expertise. We have handed over our entire IT operations to Veeras.

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