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Email Security

Email security is a major concern in IT security policy. Protecting your infrastructure from mail borne threats is critical to your business. Some of the threats involve phishing attacks, malware and other suspicious attacks. Email security solution involves integrity, protection from unauthorized access and accessibility to information resources.

Viruses can be detrimental bringing down the mail system causing drain on IT resources and users resulting in loss of reputation, productivity and data. Similarly, spam or junk mail is a major security threat not just because it affects system availability but because it can be loaded with viruses, fraudulent solicitations and malicious codes. Another new email security threat is Phishing known as identity theft, where cyber criminals target online retailers or banking clients by luring customers to spoofed websites forcing them to part with confidential information like credit card number, passwords, etc.

Organizations are confronted with challenges of social engineering or email spoofing where a program is masked by false sender information by hiding the original information. Unauthorized access is gained to the mail server by malicious entities, compromising user passwords and access to organization’s network is a major threat. The reputation of the organization is at threat when unintentional acts are performed by authorized users sending sensitive information through email causing embarrassment to the organization.

At Veeras we understand the magnanimity of the situation and offer viable solutions. Some of our enterprise security solution include, creating the first wall of defense with firewalls, detection system, prevention systems and routers to protect mail server and mail. Our team manages security controls in terms of security procedures and policies, configuration management, contingency planning, risk assessments and access control can guarantee secure email system. We also promote intense planning before installation, configuration and distribution.

We believe that planning should start at the system development life cycle stage. We secure mail server application and mail client by installing minimal mail server service and cutting down on vulnerabilities using configurations, patches, upgrades, access controls, verifying log files and testing mail server application security features. Our security engineers leverage PKI technology to protect confidential message by encrypting emails and signing messages. We believe that back up maintains the integrity of data as mail server is highly vulnerable server in an organization and take necessary steps in this connect. We install malware removal tools and spam filters. Conducting security testing on a periodic basis is recommended.

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