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Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)

Many reputed organizations have been victim of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). Safeguarding an organization from APT is a major challenge. RSA, Google are some of the victims of APTs. Security administrations are on the line of fire and the action is normally phased for months and at times even years. These threats are different from traditional risks. APT is long term and a more organized attack that is targeted on a specific entity. The targets are often high value government or private organizations.

The potentiality of the breach of security has to be understood and the damages mitigated. We understand the vulnerabilities are exploited by the attacker giving access to large database. With multiple attack vectors ranging from internet oriented threats to social engineering, security is not restricted to exclusively automated tools.

Our solutions for Advanced Persistent Thret includes creating multi-layered protection to combat threats, keeping intrusion detecting systems and firewalls in place, providing cross domain security solutions, engaging in privileged identity management, supporting internal infrastructure security, offering information protection and control, securing IT and datacenters, providing least privilege access, processing shared account management, user activity reporting, server hardening and virtualization security are some of our services to watch out for.

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