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Vulnerability Assessment

New threats are emerging every day and fighting them remains a challenge for organizations. We are pioneers in combating vulnerability threats using accurate and comprehensive security solutions to meet the needs of your IT infrastructure. Vulnerability can be a result of hardware and software bug caused due to insufficient security settings or a misconfiguration by the administrator. Our assessment programs are sure to meet with the requirements of compliance auditors and security engineers. The initial process is to expose current security structure and provide remediation.


The first line of action is to illustrate the threats; second assessment is to provide periodic scans and finally protecting the security posture from threats. Operating system, network devices, database, web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications all are vulnerable to threats and it is important to assess all targets. Veeras strategies keeping in mind the specific requirements of clients by intensifying their goals at all times and exceeding the expectations of clients time and again.


We not just understand the vulnerabilities a particular environment is exposed to but also evaluate the damage in terms of cost and reputation. We conduct vulnerability assessment expert at regular intervals suggesting security measures like threat modeling and network penetration testing. IT staffs may not be qualified or equipped to conduct vulnerability assessment and this is where we can pitch in. We help meet your business security challenges by providing thorough assessments like network penetration testing, risk assessment, hardware analysis and user testing. Our team of subject matter experts is skilled to provide time tested solutions.

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The teams on our projects were very knowledgeable and always willing to go off on their own to figure out issues which were outside of their given expertise. We have handed over our entire IT operations to Veeras.

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