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DLP – Incident Monitoring

Data security cannot be ignored as the information shared is spread through various medium like storage devices, email and others. Sharing data has resulted in constant threat to the business, as sensitive data is breached. Every organization has to take special initiatives to protect critical data from reaching wrong hands. We at Veeras identify the DLP incidents through regulated monitoring systems and address the concerns of policy impacts. We not only review but consolidate corporate policies with incidents and technical plan of action.


We understand that business risks that can damage your intellectual property. Business data is always at risk and a successful data loss prevention solution can prevent risks. Confidential information such as financial and customer information have to be protected else it can lead to losses. Companies invest in technology to protect their business from threats. It is our role to provide enterprise data loss prevention monitoring through incident monitoring and offering data protection solutions. Managing sensitive data is simple with our DLP incident monitoring services. We promote data sharing without impacting their collaboration.


Our technicians with their deep insight on the subject and hands on experience understand that data threat cannot be prevented but their impact can be averted. We identify risks and mitigate them through controlled data usage by protecting them from fraudulent practice. We understand your environment and create policies and rules. We also teach you how to deploy these policies.


Veeras offers the best DLP solutions that are integrated with the best in the industry email encryption solutions. We suggest top of the rack email encryption products after analyzing your business environment. We ensure these solutions will be able to enforce granular data protection and policies without compromising on accuracy.


We implement DLP policies after identifying the phase policies and make changes to security processes after verifying current incident management policies. Our team reviews technical policies after understanding DLP incidents. We fine tune policies to prevent false positives. Our engineers propose mail restriction (Content based), attachment monitoring and verification. We are adept in hardware based blocking and software blocking.

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