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Minimize compatibility issues with servers, storage and network devices using Converged Infrastructure (CI) approach. It can be used in standalone devices or can be software driven as in the case of hyper-converged approach. We provide pre-tested recommendations on how to put hardware to best use. As partner to leading vendors, at Veeras we offer to customers, box containing integrated storage and networking virtualization resources. As the organization expands new appliances can be added. This concept is called horizontal scalability. We offer solutions to suit your expansion and narrowing down needs.

In the future the data center will be built on Converged Infrastructure Solution. Converged cloud relies on delivery model platform, security management scalability and architecture portability consumption. Converged cloud services includes, building and operating cloud services offering products like IT Performance Suite, Security Performance Suite and Converged Infrastructure The integrated solutions consists of cloud systems like Matrix, Enterprise and Service Providers. The other converged cloud solutions include Consume Cloud Services consisting of Managed Cloud and Public Cloud.

At Veeras, we can aid in developing and testing new applications in the public cloud adhering to model driven approach and policy based. The existing database can be integrated with the private cloud environment without hampering distribution and running of applications. When more capacity is needed the workload can be pushed to the managed cloud. Applications can be secured and managed across the hybrid environment.

We maintain business continuity by supporting your application demands including management and security of common architecture, expanding existing investments and promote assorted security, management and support functions. The benefit of moving to converged cloud would deliver agility and reduce IT cost on service delivery. Through converged cloud you can promote better management and support experience across the hybrid environment. Some of the advantages include fast and versatile capacity, optimized energy, proactive and contextual support and uninterrupted changes.

Migrate from servers, networking and services to the cloud. We design intelligence to every server generation. The support experience is automated offering world class cloud based IT support. Through our able technical expertise, you can simplify the process of connecting between the server, storage and network without the hassles of cables or SAN switches. We are the complete shop for all your converged systems. We offer solutions for a variety of applications. Our converged cloud management solutions include, offering a single management platform, contoured by design and providing the best platform for open integration.

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