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The shift in the IT architecture has changed the approach of enterprise computing platform. Cloud technology services is expanding the IT platforms saving on investment of creating newer platform delivering business value. Organizations are moving to the cloud and the migration challenges are high. Public, private and hybrid clouds are different approaches, strengthening the business challenges. Business outcomes are guaranteed with cloud services delivered with auditable performance.

Public cloud curtails entry cost, offering zero capital expense while paying for resources delivering flexibility and agility. The concerns of security and lack of data control is high with public cloud though an estimated 69% use or propose to avail the services. Private cloud is enforced within the corporate firewall and is completely controlled by the IT department. The security is robust with the company having complete control over sensitive data, adhering to compliance demands. Complexities arise in the form of upfront investment and resources.

At Veeras, we guide enterprises with suitable cloud solutions after analyzing their requirements. We can expand and contract the resource availability depending on the demand. Companies can collaborate, access information, simplify integration and improve security using cloud solutions. Forget about investing in hardware and software by moving to cloud computing and restrict your IT expenditure. No more worries on capital expenses as your business become operational.

If you depend on mobile workforce, we can offer suitable cloud solutions to suit mobility. Access software, files, systems on any mobile devices, improving performance and productivity of your mobile workforce. We can host all your IT applications and services on the cloud be it desktops, networks, storage, servers, CRM, HRM, inventory management, POS, resource management and more. If you are apprehensive about moving to the cloud due to integration complexities, we can help. Our engineers can prove by easing a lot of pressure on your IT department. We ensure continuity and reliability while migrating to the cloud.

Organizations across the globe are moving to the cloud. Be part of the herd and stay in the race, instead of being left out. Cloud service can curb security concerns quickly and ensures latest features are added more quickly without lagging behind, exposing to threats and attacks. Veeras offers dynamic cloud solutions delivering value. Only a professionally implemented solution can provide scalable and timely IT services meeting operational demands and delivering excellence. Focus on your business while we worry about implementation. For better business performance and cost efficiency go the cloud way.

The role of Veeras is to guarantee service levels through SLA, security provisions and data protection. Our solutions offer the flexibility to add more users during expansion or peak periods and also minimize resources when usage is low. Our projects have shown proven results by saving on time, resource and cost without disrupting your present business practices. Our processes are tested and on-demand. We conduct software testing, reducing on errors and improve pricing efficiency.

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