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Disaster Recovery

Their backup software, unless disaster  strikes them in the form of recovery failure. Some of the common challenges faced by organizations is the malfunction of backup and remember the best of planning also cannot save the data if the technology fails. In the modern day disaster recovery solution it is important to have the technology in place. Technologies include automatic and reliable backup, data integrity, automated auditing and backup replication. Having the data replicated in offsite is necessary. Archiving also is part of the plan.


At Veeras we devise a strong DR plan. We focus on three primary areas. We identify the right people and train them to work remotely when disaster happens. Irrespective of the location, access is given to recover systems, data and resources for business continuity. Next we identify the infrastructure that are mandatory for business operation and ensure they are secured. Our technicians identify the operational processes and educate the employees of their role. In this case cross-organisational buy can come handy. We do not focus just on IT processes.


Veeras ensures that the disaster recovery plan testing which meets the Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and the Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs). Our DR plans can recover the information quickly without much downtime. Our DR testing is based on real world scenarios and hence there is no question of failures. We evaluate the scene and offer solutions. We think out of the box considering various disaster situations leading to DR consequences. Our engineers can think of even a disaster scene that you would have thought impossible. We implement DR plans embracing heterogeneity and adjusting to active IT environment.



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