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Despite spending loads of money on backup solutions, many companies fail when it comes to backups solutions. It happens because the vital step of testing is missed. Some companies may not be able to recover a single file despite supporting full backup. The backup malfunctions when testing is not done for the whole backup system. We at Veeras understand testing has to be frequent whenever there is significant change in the hardware or software. Our technicians conduct a test after upgrading firmware to ensure the new firmware functions properly aligning with the system.


We have in realistic  disaster recovery testing expert . We know the ideal situation would be a complete restoration to a secondary system that has a similar configuration. Instead we test to the extent possible. We recommend testing hardware to avoid problems during restoration especially while restoring to another machine. Drive technology is changing so quickly and our experts are capable of handling it effectively. We can handle virtualised environment effectively as we partner with virtualization software vendors.


At Veeras we conduct tests systematically by checking not just for recovery  but also for other features and offer disaster recovery planning for modules. We take time to study the backup to check if the job is done perfectly. Our testing includes backup of files, folders and critical applications. We test everything giving importance to complex applications. We check exchanges to verify the success of the backup. We strive hard to foolproof your backup and recovery process.

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