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Data is the greatest asset for any organisation. It is important to protect this data by ensuring it is located in different locations for easy recovery to maintain business continuity. The options can be online or offsite depending on where data is backed up. The bottom line is to have your data copies at remote and secure locations. At Veeras we offer backup on daily basis and store at secure centers. The process is automated and is reliable. The data can be recovered at the click of a button.


Veeras provide a broad spectrum of consulting and advisory services helping organisations achieve their business goals. We understand the driving IT costs is created by complex IT infrastructure and human resources. Our backup services can have significant effect on the IT resources. We can help meet your IT challenges effectively. Through our agile IT infrastructure we can optimize operational efficiency and improve employee experience by enhancing workplace performance.


As part of our consulting and advisory services we appraise, plan, implement and hone the Data backup solutions. We are happy to inform that our consulting engagements are successful in solving backup issues. Our technicians are well adept in solving critical errors. Our talented and dedicated engineers update their skills regularly to keep abreast with latest technologies and configurations promising timely backup solutions. Our services come with speed and flexibility without compromising on your budget.

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Veeras was incredibly responsive and understood our business objectives, challenges, and opportunities in very short order.

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