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March 29, 2016

In the current scenario many organizations realize they are up against resilient, professional and determined attackers on their network. The technology they have against these hackers are proving to be ineffective. Even if they have the technology, the network needs to be continuously monitored and reports generated to learn about potential threats and vulnerabilities. Most companies are finding that they do not have the resource to recruit, train and deploy in-house members for this purpose.

A study conducted by Mcafee and Centre for Strategic and International Studies estimates the loss to the global economy due to cyber-attack and hacking is estimated to be more than $300 Billion. A company cannot be lax or careless in their protection against cyber-attacks, else they might have to face massive financial loss.

Many organizations are looking for an alternative for managing their information security where they concentrate on their core business activities in-house and outsource managing information security to a specialized service provider.

A managed security service provider protects its clientele from external threats, vulnerabilities by managing the organization’s network and network devices like firewall, through capabilities like Intrusion prevention, Antivirus, Web filtering etc. The MSSP has dedicated resources to monitor and generate reports on its clientele’s network 24/7 to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Veeras has been in the IT security business since its inception 23 years ago. We have experience managing over hundreds of perimeter security devices and over half a million endpoints in security. Now many organizations have been able to focus completely on their core business knowing that their security management has been outsourced to a professional and competent team.


Rakesh Vadhanan K (Executive Business Value)




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