Devastating Face of Unmanaged Security systems and Corrective Measures

October 20, 2016

In the ever-changing IT Security scenario, data breaches by chronic offenders is a very alarming issue, as they seem to find new ways to breach in to the network and present a persistent threat before major security software providers can track and give new updates to us for protection. It’s always late and not preventable which raises the issue of someone managing our security scenario.

So, why is Managed security service provider a necessary investment in today’s business of all shapes and sizes? Because, cybercrime directly poses a huge threat to your viability of business performance and continuity, if left unmanaged.

And, as per “India Managed Security Services Market Forecast & oppurtunities, 2019”, the market size of Managed security services in India is estimated at about USD251 million in 2014. With the government and transportation sector accounting to have the largest share in the MMS market followed by BFSI sector.

Imagine the damage that hackers can do to your data. A recent report by Economic Times says that at least 3.2 million debit cards were compromised in India when several banks noticed that they were being accessed from a neighbouring country all because of a malware attack on a leading payment service company. This shows how desperate the situation can get to a business if they leave the security scenario unmanaged and this can also happen to you if you are not taking care of Asset management or network intrusions seriously. And you may ask why can’t you do it with tools and the strategies needed to counter the threat yourself, Well, to implement these techniques effectively your business need centralised, over-arching policies and tuning of security controls collaboratively. Unfortunately most businesses do not have these measures in place, which is why a Managed security service provider(MSSP) would be able to bridge the gap.

So, how do you find out the breach in your security as a Managed security service provider (MSSP). We should constantly monitor the network traffic to see any unprecedented amount of increased traffic in any ports to thwart an attack. Then check for any policy violations related to configuration of data in the network as hackers may try to make unauthorised changes in registry to turn on and off services and we also get alerted if anyone tries to mis-configure the router or introduce any new devices to make asset policy violation. Then immediately check for any anomalies like changed registry keys or hidden directories to conclude if an unwanted software is installed. So, as to remove it completely to improve system speed and shutdown unwanted applications and fine tune your performance for better security and experience.

Gowri Shanker
Executive Enterprise Marketing 



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