October 1, 2015

One group is tasked with keep-the-lights-on functions, the other on business-advancing tasks. Is this new setup the answer to IT’s dual responsibilities?
Bimodal IT is a Gartner concept created to help CIO’s understand that IT organizations need to support both traditional and agile modes of IT solution delivery and operation in order to make wise choices about infrastructure, process, people, and tools.

MODE 1 is the traditional IT environment, which is focused on stability, efficiency, scalability, security, core enterprise resource planning, and customer relationship management. The Mode 1 IT environment is the backbone for “systems of record” in organisations, such as billing systems and financial reporting systems.
MODE 2 is the flexible front-end digital environment, which is focused on market demands, analytics, rapid application delivery, and alignment with business unit initiatives. The Mode 2 environment utilises digital technologies such as cloud, analytics, mobile, social, and security to deliver business outcomes.


-Rakesh I

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