Apply Science to Sales

May 3, 2016

Sales ,like Science, has its own principles/laws which when followed assiduously leads to predictable outcomes, every single time. I have been steadfast in following these principles, listed below, and have experienced, first hand, sales metamorphosing into science. Let us go through these principles :

1.Prepare hard for any sales meeting – internal or external. Do spend time to understand your client’s business – their imperatives and priorities, challenges they are faced with, their competitors, their customers, their business financials, statements made by the CEO and board of directors, key trends impacting their industry, government regulations – favorable or adverse.

2.Basis your preparation build a pitch, in layman’s language, connecting the dots and detailing how your offer/solution is best suited to address client’s needs. The technical details could follow, but essence is to explain the solution in plain language, and keep it simple.

3.Next step is to quantify, in compelling financial terms, the value of your solution. This could be cost saved, profitability improved, or sales increased. Key is to quantify the value in $$ terms.

4.Understand how the client will make a decision – I call it the client’s decision making web. You will need to understand all those who will be involved in the decision making, and the role each individual could play in making a purchase decision.

5.Build a plan, with timelines, for your leaders to meet with the client’s key stakeholders. Create a detailed briefing document that captures the meeting objectives, business details, possible queries/objections from the client, and expected outcomes. Schedule a 30 minute call to step your leaders through the briefing document, and solicit their feedback. Avoid briefing your executives while driving to the client’s place – such briefings are seldom helpful. These meetings, if well executed, will leave a favorable impression with the client. They will know that you have the organization backing you.

6.A humble disposition is very helpful in sales. If you do not possess this disposition, naturally, do take conscious efforts to build the same. Clients love to build relationships with those who command subject matter expertise, have a point of view, and are humble

7.Follow through, with speed, on commitments made and agreed actions.

8.Be obsessive about making your clients successful in their organization.

That is all! Try this out and you will see the difference. You will find a purpose in your profession. Your sales forecasts will be accurate. Clients will respect you, and as a consequence you will be respected in your organization. You will grow.
Good luck selling and growing!

Daniel Bandari (Regional manager – Business value)


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