Analytics Story time PART II

September 1, 2015

FIFA World Cup – Analytics as a 24 X 7 coach

The German football federation partnered with SAP AG in order to analyze video data and both individual and team performance. This allowed them to give individuals feedback as to how they can improve their performances and how they could integrate themselves better with one another.
The tool, called Match Insights, analyzes video data from on-field cameras capable of capturing thousands of data points per second, including player position and speed. That data then goes into an SAP database that runs analytics and allows coaches to target performance metrics for specific players and give them feedback to their mobile devices.
Using Match Insights, the team was able to analyze stats about average possession time and cut it down from 3.4 seconds to about 1.1 seconds. The tool allowed them to identify and visualize the change and show it to coaches, players and scouts. The Match Insights tool is exclusive to the German team right now, but SAP has plans to sell it more broadly in the future.

Nissan Motor Company

Nissan have many localised websites designed to help customers know which Nissan car is best for them. They wanted to make more use of the website data instead of just measuring conversion rates. They wanted to know car types, models, colors people are looking online. So they just included a ‘request form’ that a potential customer has to fill out following their completion of a brochure or a request for test drive.
By aggregating all these data points from individual customers, Nissan were able to create a map of popularity of vehicles in a particular region – As in business language this implies that advertising campaigns and production can be tailored to suit the needs of a region instead of just a country or continent as a whole. By this the sales also went up and marketing campaigns turned out to be more beneficial.


-Sundar Rajan U

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