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About Us

Veeras is a new age IT Infrastructure managed security service provider delivering timely solutions enhancing operational excellence of your business. We have put in more than 2 decades of undeterred hard work and our clientele is proof to our professionalism. Our passion to transcend new boundaries has driven us to go that extra mile to bring a smile on our customer’s face. The purpose of our business is to cut down on duplication, maximize return on investment, to adhere to standards and compliance, to promote adaptability and interoperability.


We offer a full range of storage optimization leaders and cloud migration specialists partnering with subject matter experts in the field giving a competitive edge to our clients to achieve their business goals in style. Our services give our clients the confidence to venture into new territories giving them the opportunity to increase their revenue. We never compromise on efforts and values giving us the strength to exceed the expectations of our clients time and again. Our dedicated services can keep our clients rest assured of best customer experience.

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We promote business continuity with our traditional and online backup solutions promising high availability of data.


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Our specialized storage solutions fine tunes performance and optimize cost, archiving critical data cutting on downtime.


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We transform how IT works by maximizing resource output through centralized administrative task and improve scalability.


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Enterprise Security

We combat security bottlenecks with superior threat intelligence, monitoring and interactive solutions through proven methodologies.


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Converged Infra

We power mission critical workloads with our turnkey converged infra solutions for next generation enterprises.


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Come navigate to cool cloud technologies! The most powerful and emerging trends to give a new lease of life to your business.


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Our events will help explore new technologies and embrace emerging IT solutions driving business profitability.

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Blog here for the latest happenings on the IT infrastructure scene and stay connected with emerging technologies.

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A compilation of press releases comprising of forward thinking statements and developmental facets.

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White Papers

An overview on IT infrastructure facilities, support, best practices and industry insights.

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Case Studies

Impacting case studies from real time environment and offering sustainable solutions.

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A library of subject intensive webinars providing viable solutions to overcome IT performance challenges.

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Contact us

locationIcon Veeras Infotek Pvt. Ltd. (Head quarters)

5C Kences Towers, No. 1 Ramakrishna Street,

Off North Usman Road, T.Nagar,

Chennai – 600 017

phoneIcon +91 44 42210000

mainIcon  marketing@veeras.com

locationIcon Veeras Infotek Pvt. Ltd.

Flat No. 303 , SAHITI’S Vijaya Enclave,
Plot No. 32 , Sri Nagar Colony Main Road,
HYDERABAD  500 073.

phoneIcon +91 040 6699 6000

mainIcon marketing@veeras.com

locationIcon Veeras Infotek Pvt. Ltd.

II Floor, No.53, 17th A Main Road,
V Block, Koramangala,
Bangalore 560 095.

phoneIcon +91 80 49299666

mainIcon marketing@veeras.com

locationIcon Veeras Information Technology Solutions Trading LLC

 PO Box. 392496
Office 110, Elite Building
Al Barsha 1
Dubai | UAE

phoneIcon  +971 4347 0577

Mobile : +971 56 367 2864

mainIcon marketing@veeras.com

locationIconVeeras Information Technology Solutions Trading

Post Box No 845 Postal Code 320,
Barka, Sultanate of Oman.

phoneIcon  +968 95267673 / 98827284

Contact: Thiagarajanmani, +968 24726153

mainIcon marketing@veeras.com

locationIcon Veeras Information Technology Solutions Trading

 (represented by Global Veeras)

18th Floor, Al-Jon Center,
Fahad Al Salam Street,
Kuwait City, P.O. Box 24165, Kuwait

phoneIcon  (+965) 22902324

Contact: +965 96969772,

mainIcon marketing@veeras.com

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